Meta Ruins of Myvolia


Waiting for T’alen………..tap tap tap goes my toe.

Terrence hears what Cora says and he believes the plan has good logic behind it. Having little faith in the company is a bit disheartening but she has seen these creatures battle and trusts she knows what she speaks and is planning for worst case.

Yes, of course, I am with you little one. You would surely die without my help (winks) and I can’t have that weighing on me. I am waiting here for T’alen to figure out what these items are and to see if any are magical. I will grab what I can to aid us. Give me a short time to grab my belongings and some supplies and I will vanish. Name a place and I will meet you there halfling.

As Terrence and Cora discuss where to meet a cold thought runs through his head.

What if I fall? Will these hell beasts know the Companies plan as I do now?

Shivers run up Terrences’ spine as images of the creatures avoiding the traps and slaughtering unsuspecting friends and allies.

Terrance places his hand on the shoulders of the small halfling.

I have risked the lives of our group by telling you the plans of the company and their allies, as you have risked yours by telling me. If we do this, we have to ensure that neither one of us will fall to the beasts, and if that means one of us putting an arrow into the others brain, so be it. Just dont be too hasty lil one.

Terrence lets that soak in.

If Cora still decides this is the best course of action then Terrence will prepare. Terrence will grab some white fletched arrows (quiver worth), holy symbols (2) and holy water and any scrolls he figure would be helpful, if possible. Load up all his belongings and leave a note saying he simply doesn’t want to die and is very afraid and had to leave.


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