Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Terrence-Sleep and travels

As healing is being distributed Terrence feels a sense of the trials to come. He knows the trials will get harder and opponents will out-number them as the Company pushes on but it is all for a good cause. The evil that could spread has to be stopped.

Do you all feel that men? That rush? Ahhhhh. Lornaal, you fought as bravely as any man I have ever seen. May the Spirit with you rest well tonight. Alma,Talton. Well done indeed. Everybody…..this is the beginning. By the end of this our names will echo thru eternity as heros.

Terrence cleans his blade and places it back on his hip.

If no one opposes and no other archers want the beautiful short bow I would gladly make use of it.

Alma starts to speak of her plan. Makes sense and agrees with it but no mention of Terrence. Seems the youngest is over looked again. Being from a big family Terrence is used to this and pays it no more attention.Perphaps it was the remarks about all his shirts being see thru

Cora comes from the tent to reveal her new armour.

A wise choice lil one.

As the fire roars and meals are had, a comfort falls over Terrence. The fire is warm He sips from the bottle of Coras’ wine as it is passed around to the group. He scans the group and feels a sense of family as everyone tells their stories of being on the battlefield that day. Laughs break out at the blunders and cheers from kills. Sebastian starts to play and sing tales of great heroes and great battles and a heroes welcome as they return home. Home…almost a distant memory at times. Terrences eyes water up but quickly disappear when one of the members once again teases Alma on his attire.


Edited my post lol sorry called you Sebastian.

Terrence-Sleep and travels

lol no worries, i thought id just incorporate it lol

Terrence-Sleep and travels
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