Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Terrence-Out of the fire, into the Cold.

neaky neaky

Terrence stands quietly in anticipation after his speech while looking into the faces of his comrades and allies. Alma steps up and volunteers himself and Lornaal to leave once again. Is he mad? Why would the two most powerful melee specialists be sent off when when an attack is eminent.? Terrence shakes his head. Alma winks and chuckles and rubs the top of Terrences’ head. Alma smiles at his attempt to get a few laughs from the young warrior in front of the group. The group then again smiles and laughs when a light double tap of a dagger next to Almas prized family jewels takes him by surprise and causes him to jump slightly. He looks down to see the crafty rogue was positioned quite well. Terrence winks at Alma and smiles followed by a smile once again from Alma and group is amused.

Perphaps this task requires more stealth than you can possess my large friend. But do not judge me suddenly by my age or size when many trials have we been in together, and from against great odds we triumphed, and we will once again.

Kaberllee starts to speak and with an authority that silences the room, bringing us back to the serious task at hand. In the end it is decided by Kaberllee that the young rogue is more fitted for the task. Terrence soaks in her advice and memorizes the map.

The discussion is broken by news of a fire and the mayor rushes outside. Kaberllee verifies with Terrence that he is willing to go and he ensures her that he is before the group heads outside. The village is buzzing with action as something approaches from the south. The captain turns to Terrence and gives him the directions to the Old lady. He quickly prepares and takes to the rooftops and disappears from sight.

Move silently=d20+13=18+13=31
Search=d20+9=20+9=29 natural 20
Listen=d20+8=20+8=28 natural 20


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