Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Terrence gully fight round win

Ouch u Bastard

Terrence watches the beast take another arrow and then slash at him. He feels a burning sensation along his stomach but does not look as his target hasn’t changed since he moved behind him. Success. Terrence watches the rage leave the beasts eyes. He stares into its eye as the worthy opponent slumps to the ground. Terrence quickly shifts his vision yo the barbarian as he falls to his knees.

Easy my friend. The beast is no more.

Terrence quickly searches the two bodys close to him. Places whatever of worth or significance in his bag.

Terrence then runs to the back of the wagon and opens the door to release the prisoners. He will either pick the lock or if a key is found use that.
Open lock=d20+13 (roll for me)

Terrence depending on if the clr can help will ise his wands to better heal himself and thr barbarian.

Use magic device=d20+7 (roll for me) and heals pls.

Terrance watches the prisoners jump from the wagon handing the ones who are willing a simple sword and sheild.

Good luck men. This is all we can aid you for now.


Wild_Gazebo Sven_Howie

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