Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Terrence-For whom the Bells toll

Sneak away time.

Terrences’ body is filled with relief as the wight goes down and the guards follow suit and slay the beast. Quickly turning his head he sees that the fallen villager remains on the ground. Seizing the opportunity and taking full advantage of adrenalin coursing thru his veins he grabs the bar and throws it aside and pulls open the doors. He tells his comrades that the wight was a man from the Tundrein he shared an ale with. A deep sign leaves Terrences breath knowing more from that area will surely be here but not as the kind folks they once were. After the discussions and supplies are evenly distributed he falls back to his original plans. He dons his gear and takes a quiver full of the white arrows or as many as he feels is needed. Time to meet up with Cora and expose the little bitch once and for all. He tells no one of his plan trusting in Coras knowledge. Terrence searches for Cora and hopefully finds her before the alarms sound.


Letting Talton and Father Sim take over the rush and relief in the church you cast your eyes about. Damn! That little bitch is sneaky. Either she is hiding so well you can’t see her or she managed to escape during the commotion.

Something tells you, by the burning determination in her eyes, that she left out the back door while everyone was distracted.

You could try to track her in the deep snow…she would definitely leave tracks…but could you see them in the blizzard? No, it would be futile to try to track a halfling thief…at night…in a blizzard.

Your chest falls a little as you realize you might just have to keep a look out for her in the battle unless she contacts you again.

Terrence-For whom the Bells toll
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