Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Terrance- Sneak Attack the sequel

Die Die Die

The screams and yells of the battlefield ring off the rock walls. Goblins pouring from the tents. Chaos. Terrance, still puzzled at what Cora was trying to say, and obviously getting it wrong by the look on her face, battles with an archer and drops him cold. Terrance sees the smokestick fly overhead and start consuming an area near a group of archers firing at Matrim. Cora disappears heading towards the west. Terrance steps out of the bushes and moves silently but quickly between the two closest tents and pops off another arrow to the archer near the fire hoping to provide Cora with some cover fire

Move silently=d20+11-5(full speed move silent penalty)=20(natural) + 11-5=26
Damage=d6+3+3d6=3+3+1+1+2+1 (inspire)=11


Wild_Gazebo Sven_Howie

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