Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Talton - South of the Blackwood

Running his hand clumsily over his balding head Talton seems at a loss. With an audible groan he musters,

Look. We should at least get a peak at what is going on so that we can figure what we are dealing with. Then, let’s send word to the others in town that we have struck off West looking for either Stoneville…or the Thunderstone tribe.

We can then get a feel for what the tribes know and what they have done…or perhaps convince them to help us. We aren’t gonna rush into a bloody army of greenskins just because they need to be scourged from Aloria. We will bide our time and be smart about this.

He then looks at the rest of the party under downcast brows as if he were uncomfortable with his little speech and starts packing his gear as if the rest of the group had nodded their unanimous consent.

I watched these bastards kill and torture my whole village and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna forget it; but, I’m not going to lay down my life needlessly: especially if there will be need for us to gather more bodies than we have.

With that, he turns, and starts walking slowly toward the Blackwood. Looking back he says,

I might not be stealthy enough to get close enough for a look, but I’ll do my best.


Wild_Gazebo Wild_Gazebo

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