Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Talton - Goblin Camp

A Little Triage

Talton pays a lot of attention to the discussion about the equipment and the village. He nods his agreement about donating the equipment to the village…and then speaks.

It is good that we think of our fellows. I think there might be more here than the village may need. Why don’t we suggest that they may take their fair share and then try to barter or sell the rest to the other villages in the area. What ever profit they garner could be considered our reward for helping deal with the Loddites. It may be nothing…it may be substantial if they are keen: and we might just pass through the village again to receive a nice reward.

Just a thought.

With that he see Lornaal taking off his breastplate and repairing his weapon. He moves over to the barbarian and states as he walks over,

Anyone who needs their wounds healed come sit over here with me.

He sits down beside the barbarian, grasps his holy symbol, cocks an eyebrow in the direction of Lornaal before placing his hand over the grievous wounds.

(heal for 18 pts)

How is that? Do you need another shot? It looks like Pelor agrees with you. The mighty Sun enjoys the warriors that purge the darkness from the land.

With that he smiles and looks toward the others to see if his healing is needed.


After the necessary work is done Alma will politely request a shot of healing.

Talton - Goblin Camp

Heal for 10 pts

Talton - Goblin Camp

Lornaal: Heal for 21 pts for a second heal

Talton - Goblin Camp

Cora: Heal for 12 pts

p.s. This ‘healer’ is wearing half plate, wielding a mace and shield, and killed 11 goblins a worg and captured 2 other goblins.

While Talton doesn’t seem to notice your impatience, he does mention that it’s good to see you were fighting as he didn’t see you the whole time from across the camp.

Talton - Goblin Camp

i could use a shot as well

Talton - Goblin Camp

T’alen: Heal for 15 pts

Talton - Goblin Camp
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