Meta Ruins of Myvolia

T 'Alen - Round 7 - Goblin Camp

The hounds step back from the Barbarian sensing he isn’t the enemy…hopefully. They wheel to the left to go after other prey. Seeing the red robed goblin they advance, letting loose low growls with their ears laid back as they get ready to pounce.

T ’Alen advances around the tent hoping to see the goblin priest so he can loose his magics and hopefully nullify part of the threat. Seeing Alma leaping through the air to impale the priest with his greatsword T ’Alen reaches out and releases the spell.

Touch attack roll Touch of Idiocy
D20+1+1(courage) = 18[d20]+1+1(courage)= 20

Int Penalty: 6
Wis Penalty: 6
Chr Penalty: 6


Wild_Gazebo banelor

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