Meta Ruins of Myvolia

T 'Alen - Is this the storm

T ’Alen takes in the scene around him. Funeral pyre to the north north west, billowing clouds of oily black smoke clogging the air to the west as the fires of Pelor cleanse the fallen, attack from the south, upset barbarian and the Bravo Alma taking care of business, all quiet so far from the east and the north.

So what are the odds the attack in the south is it, the final push from this evil horde? Why don’t they rush us from multiple fronts, make us divide out forces and then pick us off one small scattered group at a time? Why the push from the south when there is cover from the smoke to the west?

T ’Alen climbs the barricade off to the side out of range from the barbarians wicked looking axe.

I fear we will be attacked soon when our focus is south.

T ’Alen loads his crossbow and looks for an opportunity for a shot

Initiate: d20+2 = [d20]5+2 = 7


Wild_Gazebo banelor

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