Meta Ruins of Myvolia

T 'Alen - has a plan

T ’Alen gathers the leadership together over a rough map of the town

All right Gentlemen, here is what I propose, please feel free to make adjustments as you see fit.

T ’Alen murmers the words of magic needed to bring his vision to life.(prestidigitation)

Marks and colour begin to overlay the map. First a small grid appears over the center of the town, then lines begin to appear crossing the main streets and alleys between the homes, then red dots appear at intervals around the inside of the town square, and lastly a pool of greyish green forms in the town square.

T ’Alen leans over the map and begins to point at different coloured features
Venisetcold plan

What I propose is we control our battleground, set the field in our favour. We need to barricade the streets and alleys with strong barricades, those would be the yellow lines. Our foe is a sneaky one, so the red dots at intervals around the edge of the square are torches or burn piles to provide light in the area, as well as up each major street to diminish the shadows and let our scouts see what coming even in the pitch of night.

T ’Alen gestures some more at other areas of the map

The green line is for another barricade, an engineered weak point in our defenses allowing a not so obvious path for our attacks to enter our battlefield. We don’t want it to be too weak, but we want it to look a little easier to breach that area than any other and hopefully lure them in.

Lastly the plan calls for us to douse the square in oil and cover it with shavings or wood chips to hide the oil. Hopefully creating a killzone that we can set alight to burn the undead while we slay them in front of the church.

T ’Alen tries to remember details of the wights from his arcane schooling to provide any pertinent tips to help slay them.

He alters the map to adjust the plan to the suggestions of the leadership.

Does anyone have anything else to add?

Knowledge Aarcane: D20 13 = 1913 = 32


If T’alen has time and inclination he should scribe a few burning hands scrolls…

T 'Alen - has a plan

it takes a full day to create a scroll

T 'Alen - has a plan

Talton: Great map T’Alen. I worry about being able to man eight barricades with 28 men effectively. If we had more volunteers, perhaps. Or you are thinking simply having the barricades in place will direct out enemies?

The pitch and tinder is a great idea. I worry about the snow and harsh wind out there though. If we had some way to cover it…with weighed down canvas or something…I’m not sure.

Pelor! I wish we knew how much time we have!

T 'Alen - has a plan

It takes one day per 1000gp in value. A burning hands scroll lvl 5 is 125gp … Dave? Your game. I would let a wizard create 8 per day.

T 'Alen - has a plan

Sorry Josh. Minimum time for any magical item creation is one day…and he needs to have the spell memorized. The feat Scribe Scroll should be reworded for clarity in my opinion.

T 'Alen - has a plan

Dwayne, your knowledge check only gave the barest of info: undead, intelligent, spawning. The check was actually a Knowledge: Religion check.

T 'Alen - has a plan

T ‘Alen my intent was to have the barricades marked in yellow be ’permanent’ requiring only a couple scouts to watch for movement and to have the one marked in green look like the juicy target. I loath live bait but i think it is the only thing that will work in this instance. The townsfolk who are not able to assist directly in the defense should be holed up in or under the church, providing first aid, bandages etc.

T 'Alen - has a plan

T ‘Alen: I’m less worried about the pitch/oil being diluted by the snow. it may take a little longer to light if it is frozen but it should still burn reasonably well once lit blocking off retreat and hopefully trapping the fiends in place

T 'Alen - has a plan

Does anyone know the break down of our volunteers in regards to ranged, mellee etc so we can plan a defense

T 'Alen - has a plan

So far, the town guard 1 captain, 2 sergeants, 20 guardsmen all have melee and ranged weapons available. The pastor says he has some extra weapons in the cellar of the church but doesn’t remember the numbers until he goes and checks.

T 'Alen - has a plan

Would a Bardic knowledge have any wight insight?

T 'Alen - has a plan

Bardic Knowledge:
Roll: d20+9
26 = 17[d20]+9

Strangely, sitting at the table in the hall of Veniset an old song comes to mind. The Night of the Winter Walkers. You hadn’t really thought of it before; but, know things start to line up in your head. The song speaks of the ‘plague of the forgotten grave’ and how nothing but the blessing of water and purging of fire stemmed the tide of undeath. It also spoke of the winter walkers growing in great numbers and then falling upon themselves before they could overtake the entire world. “Tis a tide of warning before the orange eyed beasts ravage the land hunting for the living and dead.” Not a very catchy song; but, it was always good to scare children during the harvest festivals.

T 'Alen - has a plan
Wild_Gazebo banelor

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