Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Sebastian - The defense of Veniset

We can do this!

As the leaders of Veniset and The Company of the Manticore discuss the towns defenses, Sebastian pulls out a chair at the council table stretching out his legs and trying to find a measure of comfort.

Strange that no one seems the least bit bothered by our missing Halfling. Quite a time to slink away.

Sebastian nodded his agreement that the townsfolk should remain in their fortifications here as opposed to fleeing the village.

If we fail here the townsfolk will be in danger no matter where they be. Might as well be here where we can offer each other the quickest help.

As Alma tells of his intention to ride out to sound his warning, Talton offers him magical assistance. The best Sebastian could offer was a reassuring nod as he caught the southerners eye on his way out the door.

When the Wizard called the remainder of The Company to his magical map the Bard perked up and leaned forward in his chair.

When the plan was laid out Sebastian nodded his agreement, offering only a small disclaimer.

That Goblin-Demon is crafty; it is possible he could sniff out your lure. That said, the plan is solid. If we are overcome flee east with the greatest of haste toward the port of Parlone.


Alma is gone by the end of your post but I’m sure someone would point out that they are undead .. without fatigue. There is no fleeing without horses .. and there aren’t enough horses.

Sebastian - The defense of Veniset
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