Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Sebastian - Cinquo

Keep on keepin' on.

Though Sebastian could see the writhing pile of dead or dying Goblins growing around Lornaal, there were still many swarming about him to take their place. Noting one attempting to axe the big Barbarian from behind the Bard sighted his arrow and fired, almost as soon as the projectile had left his string he was snatching another from his quiver and sending it after it’s fellow.

1st shot: 19(d20) +8 +2(cat’s grace) +1(inspire) =30
Damage: 7(d8) +1 =8
2nd(rapid) shot: 7(d20) +11 =18
Damage: 8(d8) +1 =9

Current AC: 21
Current HP: 32


Wild_Gazebo Reverend55

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