Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Lornaal - Round 3

Caught off guard by the skilled assault of the goblin, Lornaal spares only a brief look at the geiser of blood that issues from his arm. Instead he focuses on driving his spear into the sneaky little goblin with all of his considerable might.

Attack: 9(d20) + 11(base attack + rage) + 2(bull’s str) + 1(inspired): 23
Damage: 8(d8) + 10(base dmg + rage) + 2(bull’s str) + 1(inspired): 21
AC: 19 – 2(rage): 17
Hit Points: 59 – 21: 38
Rage: 3rd of 5 rounds


Please recall that Lornaal has Uncanny Dodge which means that he can’t be flanked.

Lornaal - Round 3

Yes, but the orc doesn’t know that.

Lornaal - Round 3

Well, if the orc had bothered reading Lornaal’s character sheet or even recognizing that as a barbarian he was likely to have that feat, he wouldn’t be wasting his time, now would he.

Lornaal - Round 3

That’s the problem with NPCs they’re always so lazy.

Lornaal - Round 3
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