Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Play-by-Post Index

This index is broken up into a few sections. The links directly
below are a compilation of all of the posts by the DM moving the
story forward. The DM links are separated by story and combat
sections: though both story and combat posts can move the story
forward. Chronologically they are presented left to right, top to
bottom. Besides a couple of helpful links on the right, all of
the rest of the player posts are itemized below the DM section.

DM Posts

The Musings of an Old Man Stories, Rock and Roll, and Larceny Quick Response to Conversation
Wolfy but Good Maps and Wine and Magic Two Paths Diverged on a Northern Road
And That Made All the Difference Negotiations Ode to a Parlonian Urn
The Happy Hunting Grounds Of Goblins and Worgs

Goblin Camp Combat

Howl Bison One, Goblins Zero Who’s Afraid of a Little Goblin?
Recycling is Evil? The Sound of Silence Whimpering and Muttering

Horse Trading Without a Horse Thirst for Knowledge and Blood The Forest
The Pit of Night Let’s Try This Again A Better View of Tundrein
Stay Out of the Barn

Tundrein Battle

The fires of night Crawling Death Burn, baby, burn
Something, Something Dark Side Higher Ground Rotting in the Heart
Desperation Help, at Last When All Hell Broke Loose
Hold the Line Holding the line Evil Incarnate
I’m a Distraction Helter Skelter Flight
Run Away! Run Away! Survivors? I think not.

Blackwood Forest Ravine Skirmish

Snapping Stealth Abolition Gully Battle by Torchlight
Green-skin Envy Skewered with Fried Freedom

Noble Animals Dark Crashy Worry A Gully of Trouble
Trails of Droplets in the Northern Night Reunited

Character Posts

Ordered Chronologically

Alma – Port Parlone – Resignation
Alma-Port Parlone-A night well spent
Alma – the open road
Alma – At some shyt Village
Alma – Ready to fight
Alma – the battle is at hand
Alma – Sshhh I’m hunting goblins

Cora – Parlone – joins hesitently
Cora – parlone – mischief
Cora – parlone- cases the tavern
Cora – parlone-the grey wolf
Cora-Blunt Nail storage-surprise and disappointed
Cora – ready to leave
Cora – open road
Cora – distrubed
Cora – goblin camp
Cora – its battle time
Cora – Round Three
Cora – Round Four

Lornaal – Not enough to drink for this
Lornaal – The North Beckons
Lornaal – A path to choose
Lornaal – The road
Lornaal – Hard lands should make for hard men
Lornaal – The village
Lornaal – Battlecry
Lornaal – Blood lust
Lornaal – Round two
Lornaal – A worthy adversary

Matrim – Mosh pit
Matrim – Parlone – Decisions
Matrim – Parlone – Dreams
Matrim – Port Parlone
Matrim – Crossroads
Matrim – campsite
Matrim – Tundrein
Matrim – On the verge
Matrim – goblin camp
Matrim – Round 2
Matrim – Round 3
Matrim – Round 4
Matrim – discussions

Sebastian – Port Parlone – Skeptical but interested
Sebastian – Still at the table
Sebastian -Rocking Out at The Nail
Sebastian – Ready for intermission!
Sebastian – Brand new day!
Sebastian -One for the road
Sebastian -One path or two
Sebastian -Let’s be friends!
Sebastian – Sad news in Tundrein

T ’Alen – At the table
T ’Alen – still at the table
T ’Alen – At the table conversing
T ’Alen – reviewing the map
T ’Alen leaves the table
T ’Alen – studying the map
T ’Alen in the morning air
T ’Alen – happy trails
T ’Alen – pondering goblins
T ’Alen – facing the picket
T ’Alen – at the edge of town

Talton – Between Veniset and Tundrein

Terrence – And so it begins
Terrence – Down to business at the table
Terrence – The Table
Terrance- Next Morning
[[Terrance-Winter is coming…(Sorry lol) | Terrance-Winter is coming…(Sorry lol)]]
Terrance-Goblins camp
Terrance-Looks at Cora
Terrance-Back with the group

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1 2 3 The Blunt Nail Tavern 4
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