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Matrim - Veniset Round Table

Things that go bump in the night...

With efficiancy Gregor brought the Company up to date on the surrounding areas, dispatched swift messengers and called a meeting of the town council. Introduction are made as well as discoveries. Be safe little one Matrim thought. Cora had slipped away unanounced, but Matrim believed she had a good reason. When the mayor was finished speaking, the Company became engrossed in strategies. Matrim’s companions offered up excellent ideas, and Matrims mind raced with ways to implement them into a sound battle strategy. The coloured map made by T’alen impressed the hell out of Matrim.

I think we can incorporate several of these ideas to help us. I do agree with Talton that we shouldn’t send people away. Runners are out to warn as many people as possible of the situation in Veniset. We don’t know how much time we have, but fortifications and blockades are good.

First we should have everyone gather supplies, food stores, water, and head to the Church. The Church will be our base. As many as able to lend a hand can start making barricades and gathering weapons.

I think that those that can shoot a bow or fire a crossbow go onto the rooftops. If we can use ladders or even doors and benches to make bridges between the rooftops around town square, we would have good line of sight and high ground.

Matrim surveyed the map, looking for choke points or dangerous areas. They would have to hold their ground. How long would Kandure need to reach the people he spoke of? That was the burning question in Matrims mind.

I am weary about having so much flame amidst the buildings if our foe is smart. Light would be an asset to us but not at the cost of buildings burning. Encircling town square and burn piles in the middle of the four main streets leading to town square should be good.

Matrim turns to Gregor and inquires how far the messengers have to go to warn people and how swiftly they would be able to return. Before the group dispands and people hurry to the defense of Veniset from the approaching undead, Matrim pulls Alma aside with a handshake.

Good luck my friend. Ride swift and light. Be safe and return as swiftly.


Talton: Yes! We should have wooden plank bridges from the church to the closest 4 buildings. That would give us a great advantage with ranged support during a battle or a siege. It would increase out mobility in case of a retreat and would be easily defensible in case of a breech…I mean we could just kick the plank down. I really like that idea.

Matrim - Veniset Round Table

sounds good

Matrim - Veniset Round Table

Now we need a backup plan in case this one fails or we become overrun, any suggestions?

Matrim - Veniset Round Table

What do we know about the way they will attack? What have they done before?

Matrim - Veniset Round Table

Plan B. Slash and burn as we run away.

Matrim - Veniset Round Table

I believe they will attack after dark to maximize their surprise, and they will probably use swarm tactics and try and over run one of the barricades if they don’t split up and try and over run them all at once. Sadly if they are being led by an overly intelligent master then they will probably try and come from the north and the east to get inside the church to wipe out the non combatants first. That is why i think we need light sources further down each street to give us a better chance to spot them as they approach and more time to react.

That is a sound plan B. I pray to Pelor for these fine people that we do not need to use it

Matrim - Veniset Round Table
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