Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Matrim - Veniset 3

The howling winds and blinding snow blanket the town in white. The villagers work hard and fast to erect barricades and defenses as planned. Matrim helped and acknowledged the townspeople wherever he could within the town square. The unknown answer to the reoccurring question in Matrim’s mind: how long would Kandure need? Matrim hoped they would be able to defend the villagers as long as needed until reinforcements arrived.

Scanning the town square, Matrim looked for something else to help with. He watched the boy search out and head over to speak with T’alen. Turning his attention from the two, Matrim had the realization that one of the men was out of place, though nothing odd seemed to be apparent at first glance. Breath. As awareness dawned on him, Matrim sprung into action, fletching of an arrow drawing to cheek as he bellowed alarm.

HP – 49
AC – 19

Moving forward, Matrim will do rapid shot at the undead creature , yelling that the undead are here

Attack 1: 18(d20) 13(base) +2(weapon) +1(focus) -2(Rapid Shot) = 32
Damage 1: 7(d8)
3 = 10

Attack 2: 16(d20) 8(base 2nd attack) +2(weapon) +1(focus) -2(Rapid Shot) = 25
Damage 2: 4(d8)
3 = 7

Attack 3: 18(d20) 13(base rapid shot) +2(weapon) +1(focus) -2(Rapid Shot) = 32
Damage 3: 6(d8)
3 = 9

Initiative: 13(d20) +10 = 23


Edited my post. Not yet within 30ft for point blank. Fixed totals.

Matrim - Veniset 3
Wild_Gazebo zirmani

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