Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Matrim - Next round!!

Putrid pincushion

AC 18
HP 39

Glancing at the sky, Matrim knows that their assault on the goblin encampment hasn’t been going on for as long as it feels. But the sounds of battle have been gradually diminishing. The goblins were still throwing up a resistance to the onslaught of the Company’s attacks this night. Unsure if the rogues’ toxin was coursing through the priests vile veins, or if the stagger from the priest was just because it’s back was looking like a pincushion, Matrim nocks another arrow to his longbow.

When this creature finally drops, perhaps the chieftain will be done playing with the bush. The smokestick is making that shot a little difficult yet. Matrim thought.

With the precision of a hunter hot on the trail of the prey, Matrim draws back hard on the bowstring, aiming to add some more arrows to the pincushion.


Attack 1 15(d20) +10(base) +1(inspire) = 26 total
Damage 1 3(d8) +3(bow) +4(fave enemy) +1(inspire) = 11 total

As fast as the first arrow was away, the second arrow followed, streaking towards the target.

Attack 2 15(d20) +10(base) +1(inspire) = 26 total
Damage 2 3(d8) +3(bow) +4(fave enemy) +1(inspire) = 11 total


Wild_Gazebo zirmani

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