Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Matrim - next!

Let the bodies hit the floor...

Matrim is glad he ducked down into the tall grass for some cover; not that it would protect him if a stray arrow made it through. Scanning the battlefield below, Matrim decided once again to hit a couple of the axe goblins near the fire. The feather and chain clad goblin had retreated south and though barely visible, it would be a difficult target and Matrim didn’t want to waste the poisoned arrow. Matrim wasn’t sure where the goblin priest had gone, but he was sure the filthy greenskin was responsible for the skeleton warriors that appeared.

Nock, aim, fire…. Nock, aim, fire. Two arrows whistled through the air towards the intended targets. Matrim got a few more arrows out of his quiver and put them next to the dwindling number he had set out previously. Shoot, kill and search for more…have to keep this up as long as possible. I can join the mayhem down below if need be… and i might have to to get a clear shot at either of the leaders Matrim thinks to himself.

Hide check 4(d20)+11 = 15 total

Attack 1 19(d20) +10(base) +1(inspire) = 30 total
Damage 1 6(d8) +3(bow) +4(fave enemy) +1(inspire) = 14 total

Attack 2 16(d20) +10(base) +1(inspire) = 27 total
Damage 2 7(d8) +3(bow) +4(fave enemy) +1(inspire) = 15 total

AC 18
HP 39


Wild_Gazebo zirmani

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