Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Matrim - Blackstone Ravine

Among the Ruins

Matrim watches with satisfaction as his first arrow slams into the lithe goblin…and winces as the second arrow narrowly misses a captive. His companions have successfully flanked the sneaky little beast but have taken serious wounds in the process. Duck, slash and stab, the melee dance continues until Terrance rams his thin blade home, the goblin falling to the ground. With another arrow already nocked, Matrim dashes towards the wagon and his injured companions.

Well done my friends. This battle definitely tested our mettle, but we persevered. Are your wounds grave?

If needed, Matrim will apply some bandages and attempt to stabilize the wounds to Terrance and Lornaal. 17(d20) +8(rank) +2(healers kit) =27 (DC 15)

Glancing to the south and the rising column of jet black smoke against the night sky, Matrim knows they will have to be fast here.

We need to gather the rest of the Company and make way out of this gully as soon as possible. That column of smoke is a beacon even in the night. We will free the prisoners and check the bodies for anything useful and then make our retreat south again.

Search: 19(d20) +8(rank) = 27
Spot: 11(d10) +9(rank) = 20


I also have a wand of cure light wounds if needed.

Matrim - Blackstone Ravine
Wild_Gazebo zirmani

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