Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Lornaal - The alpha must die

The predator that lived in Lornaal relished the chaos and clamour of battle. The sudden appearance of three large, sleek wolves harrying the goblins before him, caused Lornaal to break out in growling laughter and spit a mouthful of blood at the greenskins.

When the large goblin wearing feathers came into view with his warriors, the beast within recognized him as an alpha. The spirit bear howled for death. A quick shift of his grip and Lornaal threw the spear with the ease and practice of a seasoned hunter.

No sooner had the spear left his hand than Lornaal stooped, recovering an axe from one of his vanquished foes and turned to face the two purple-clad goblins before him.

Attack 19 = 12(d20) + 8 + 1(inspire) – 2(range)

Damage 11 = 3(d8) + 7(str) + 1(inspire)

HP 16

AC 17


I believe that the rage must end at the end of this round, so by the beginning of the next round I will have AC 19, but only 6 hit points. What is your take on that, Dave? Does it go at the end of my turn, at the end of the round or at the beginning of my next turn. It probably doesn’t make much difference in this battle, due to the turn order, but it could in the future.

I’m just looking it up in the book and it says, “A fit of rage lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the character’s… Constitution modifier”

Strategically speaking I could dismiss the rage at the end of my turn (“A barbarian may prematurely end his rage”) and bump my AC by 2 seeing as the extra hit points will dump at the end of the round anyway. It just doesn’t feel right though.

Lornaal - The alpha must die

The rage lasts 5 rounds (your adjusted con modifier). So, at the end of round seven your rage will end: the penalties will start on round 8. Like a full round action, the transition happens as your current round meets your next round…so that you could have the benefit/penalties during the rest of a round if you are high in the initiative order…or little to none if late.

You may exercise the right to dismiss the rage and become fatigued at any time…but you may only initiate a rage during your turn.

We are beginning round 6…so I would suggest keeping the rage active unless you want to go more defensive and use one of your healing potions: which might be a really good idea as well. I know your companions are all concerned…I mean that is why they focused on your opponents so much.

Lornaal - The alpha must die

Yeah he definitely drew a crowd! But yeah pop that potion! Talton can’t help you now because of the silence…

Lornaal - The alpha must die

Actually, that’s my role. I take the hits and they help knock ’em down.

Lornaal - The alpha must die
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