Meta Ruins of Myvolia



Shaking his head to clear the pain and fatigue from his mind Lornaal turned his thoughts towards the surviving orcs that had fled into the night. Grabbing one of the lanterns from the wagon the big northman lumbered off into the night, holding the lantern aloft to light his way. His spear is levelled, ready to strike at the orcs, his eyes scanning the ground for traces of their passage.

Track: 14(d20) + 6 = 20
Attack: 4(d20) + 9 – 1(post-rage fatigue) = 13
Damage: 2(d8) + 7 – 1(post-rage fatige) = 8
AC: 18
HP: 47


I added some rolls and updated my stats

Wild_Gazebo optimus_mush

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