Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Sebastian - I don't like it here anymore.

Sebastian clasped Terrances hand and gave him a solemn nod.

Step lightly my friend.

As the rest of the group said their piece The Bard shrugged,

Well Brother Talton, if you insist on a closer look for yourself perhaps you and Lornaal should hang back far enough where you will not give away our sneaky friends, but close enough to quickly render assistance if they should give themselves away.

Sebastian looked to each of his friends in turn, noting their grim expressions.

I will stay back just a little further to cover the lot of you,

He turned to T’alen offering a wry grin,

Wizard; keep the animals warm in case we come back in a hurry.


lol dont touch my horse dwayne

Wild_Gazebo Reverend55

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