Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Tundrein Battle - Round 13

Alma and Cora


You cinch your belt, grab up your pack of belongings and pull open the door to the bathroom. Crouching just feet away by the partially open back door-and obviously startled by your sudden appearance-are a haggard looking Peter an his terrified daughter.

Relief flood into their faces once they recognize you.

Cora! We must get to the stables! Alma is holding them at the front of the house!

You grasp the situation immediately.

It is then that the woodsman Kandure and his great grey wolf run into the room. The ranger nods to you before stating in his grim, rough voice:

We need to get to the horses. Now.

In clipped words you inform the woodsman that the inn yard has a pair of undead lurking in it.

Kandure nods, before saying:

Someone must distract them until we can get the horses out.


Changing tactics, you thrust your sword forward, burying two feet of Thraycian steel in the face of the wight before you. As the creature goes limp, you use the momentum to twist its fall, driving the protruding portion of the blade into the fallen wight with the arrow in its head.

In a heartbeat both opponents are vanquished.

Pulling your sword from the corpses, you hesitate, watching suspiciously as the wights close in around the girl.

Her brown eyes, scan the street from a face that is smooth and plum with youth. When at last they settle upon you, however, her countenance slowly changes from that of innocence, to a snarl of dire wickedness.

Her eyes, suddenly, are sinister and her features twist into a rictus smile that is immediately recognizable to you. It is the same sneering countenance that you encountered on the face of a dying goblin priest of Erythnul a days march north of here.

For a moment you are frozen by the horror of it.

In a sweet, cherubic voice, the girl commands the wights:

I should like that one alive, if at all possible.



To be clear, Jake sent me a private message saying that he would offer a warning to those banging around by the back door.

Tundrein Battle - Round 13
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