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DM - Goblin Camp - Round Four

Recycling is Evil?

Round Four

The sounds of battle echo dully throughout the Northreach basin at the cusp of night. Shouts of command and the sickening grovel of the dying mix with the strange chanting of magical casting and the grunts and snorts of an angry bison. The goblins seem to be coming from everywhere, swarming to attack the intruders into their encampment. Arrows fill the air like angry insects and the tin and clatter of steal upon steal rings like a discordant symphony.


Stepping back after a dazzling display of swordsmanship you replenish your defences. Four mirror images of yourself surround you creating much confusion and opportunity. Looking over at the goblin chief you sneer and challenge the chieftain. The goblin seems to ignore you and issues another couple of orders to nearby warriors who stand sentry in front of the leader.

You are just about to consider heading over to the pompous little creature when you are attacked by what can only be described as the fresh skeleton of a goblin just passed. Turning your head you see more dead goblins rising from the ground shedding their viscous flesh to the earth and looking over toward you—brandishing their weapons. Small bits of flesh and internal organs get stuck on the corners of their armor and joints as they rise…but soon fly off as they run toward you: black empty eyes glaring.

Two skeletons manage to close in on Alma while the rest trail behind jockeying for a position to strike at the magical warrior. The first lunges clumsily past an illusion…missing the illusion; while the next strikes Alma luckily across the thigh with a short sword. (2 points of damage)


Circling around not allowing any one of the small goblins to get an advantage; Lornaal smiles in a rage-filled splendor. While looking at two goblins pressing in together, Lornaal takes his spear and skewers the head of a third—without looking—lifts up the goblin and throws it into a tent like he was forking hay in a barn. He then howls at the remaining goblins. In unison they take a half step back…not leaving the battle; but, not enjoying the fact that they have to be there.

Responding to the few quick orders from the chieftain, two more goblins engage Lornaal and one more engages Alma. All of them are wielding axes and shields while having a slightly blue tinged skin tone. Though they are all ambitiously trying to quickly end the lives of their foes, they are terribly outmatched and don’t manage to cause Alma or Lornaal any damage.

The chieftain backs up behind a tent with his two sentries guarding his north flank—seemingly in response to Alma’s threat. But, the chieftain still appears to command respect from his followers despite his seemingly cowardly maneuver.

The archers to the south divide into two groups. One group focusing on Cora as they head north and west to get a good shot at her from around the corner of the tent; while the other group takes a small bit of cover from the tents and continues to fire up at the ridgeline.

In response to Terrence and Cora’s attack on them just seconds ago three goblins quickly scurry to flank a tent for some cover and get a good line of sight so that they may fire at the precocious Halfling. They let loose with a volley of arrows. Two arrows hit the little Halfling: one in the shoulder and one in the thigh. (7 points of damage)

The other three set their sights up at the top of the ridgeline. Two arrows zip past Matrim on either side of his body while one sails through the air and hits T’alen just on the calf of his right leg. (2 points of damage)


Quickly assessing the battle, Sebastian draws his bow and looks to down the red skinned goblin attacking Lornaal…seconds before Lornaal spears the creatures head like a gord and husks it into a tent nonchalantly. Quietly storing the image in his mind for further artistic endeavours and wondering if ‘shoveling death like a farmer’ sounds to corny Sebastian chooses the next target and levels the creature with a solid hit through the heart , taking the beast out of combat.


Watching what small section of the battle you barely see, you make out a gang of hammer wielding goblins running north wearing purple tunics. Since they failed to notice you, and knowing that Cora has risked her life by coming out of hiding you decide to shoot one of the archers attacking Cora. With practiced control you draw the bow back and release. With satisfaction you see your arrow rip through the ribcage of the middle archer and watch him cave forward hitting the ground in groaning agony…before it passes out.


Ducking down into the grasses you gain some cover and a bit of disguise from the raining arrows. Still, this is a battle and you must go to work. You still your mind and swiftly dispatch of two more goblins one after the other tagging one in the side of the head and the other just under his arm as he was swinging his weapon…both fatally wounded and out of the battle.


The bison distracted by the hammer wielding goblins fails to connect with the devilish creatures and instead stamps forward and then back looking to try again to ram one of the goblins into next week.

Meanwhile, Talton steps up to meet the gathering squad of goblins coming his way. Throwing caution to the wind, Talton strikes the snapping worg in the snout with his huge steal shield knowing the beast is on his final legs. With a wet sloshing sound the beast’s skull is completely caved in finishing what Talton’s tremendous strike earlier had started. The worg hits the ground in a thunderous heap as Talton follows the shield bash with a searing strike to the head of the worg rider. Connecting with a resounding crunch the head of the goblin explodes like the cleric was hitting an overripe peach. The spraying mist of blood takes seconds to drift to the ground as the goblin’s head disintegrates on impact with the humongous bulbous mace.

(DM aside: for those of you who like good rolls Talton was at -6, -10 for this maneuver)

Prime Hand Mace on Goblin
Roll: d20+3
23 = 20[d20]+3

Confirm Crit
Roll: d20+3
17 = 14[d20]+3

Mace Damage
Roll: 4d6+6
24 = 4[d6]6[d6]6[d6]2[d6]6

Second Hand Shield Bash on Worg
Roll: d20-3
15 = 18[d20]-3

Shield Bash Damage
Roll: d6+6
12 = 6[d6]+6

The goblins wearing the purple tunics split to attack the bison, Alma and Lornaal. They are carrying war hammers and shields and strike out viciously at their opponents. Lornaal gets struck twice and Alma manages to just avoid a direct hit. (6 points of damage to Lornaal, Alma looses on image) The bison manages to avoid the goblin’s blows.

The axe wielding green-skinned goblins rush in to replace the worg and rider that Talton was fighting . They are all having a very difficult time getting past the giant steal armor encasing the cleric; except for one luck goblin who rattles the priest’s cage a little with a blow under the arm. (6 points of damage)


Sensing the danger to your friends and yourself you toss a smokestick up on top of a tent and then let loose with another sling bullet. You notice that the first goblin you hit, though bleeding profusely out of a head wound is still firing his bow…in fact you think he is responsible for one of the arrows that hit you. So, you loose your bullet in his direction and catch him on the head again. Instead of stepping back and grabbing his head this time he just drops to the ground like a stone.

The smokestick quickly does its job and billows out and rises up into the night sky obscuring anything in that area. The smoke is very thick and you can’t see past it. Line of sight is affected.


Intoning the brave words and adding to the battle with a little ingenuity T’alen starts to summon his celestial hounds. Thankful that he isn’t overcome with goblins like the barbarian, he is able to spend the extra time to cast the summoning spell properly and get the extra man power…er dog power…into the battle. Just in case, he ducks down to give enemies less of a target to shoot at.

(DM aside: the hounds will appear just before your next turn and be able to fight immediately. I have placed them on the map at a range you can manage. You only moved 5’ because the summon spell is a full round action.)

Round Four Battlemap

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