Meta Ruins of Myvolia

DM - Goblin Camp - Round Five

The Sound of Silence

Round Five

The dead air in the gully starts to smell of death as the dead start to litter the ground and the cries of the goblins get more frantic and desperate. The shrill screams from the chieftain gets progressively more erratic and the combatants seem to be more cautious…if not timid.

The moon begins to shine brightly across the horizon sending a strong bluish light across the plains casting the shadows of the battle long across the flickering movements of the campfire. You hear the distant calls of wolves and coyotes greeting their lunar companion far off to the west adding an eerie counterpart to tonight’s activities.


Seeing the silent lumbering undead goblins rushing toward your position, you decide to make a strategic withdrawal. Feinting an attack toward the nearest skeleton you swing your great sword above the skeleton’s head to bring it to bear on the goblin with the purple tunic. The sheer force of the blow sends the goblin’s head flying through the air knocking the head of the second goblin wielding an axe. Just as the two goblins heads meet, you direct your follow-though swing unerringly through the neck of the second goblin. Both heads land a few feet away disturbing the already skittish ponies in the pen.

Knowing this is your best chance, you move extremely quickly past the undead, around the tent to the north, back down south behind the skeletons and up behind two goblins attacking Talton. The Expeditious Retreat spell causes all of your actions to look like a bit of a blur as you speed through the embattled camp. Two skeletons managed to try to strike at you as you passed but both missed in their clumsy erratic fashion.

Talton and Alma: everything goes completely silent. The loud yelling and clash of metal on metal immediately stops to be replaced with a complete unnatural silence. If you shift your jaw to the side to pop your ear or grind your teeth…you don’t hear a thing. If you speak, your mouth opens but no sound is emitted.

The world becomes this strange silent battle of goblins and skeletons rushing toward you intent on death…but in complete silence.


After throwing the last goblin into a tent, you spin around and disembowel a goblin attacking you with a hammer. Stringing his intestines from his midsection to your spear you spray his companion in the face with the organic shrapnel as he tries to close in on you. Leaving only four more goblins left circling you.

In military formation the blue tinged goblins react. The Chieftain and his two guards charge toward where Cora and Terrence are fighting. The three archers that were firing up at the ridgeline break off and move south and then west training their eyes to spot the sniper. While the two archers that were left firing at Cora, run around a tent to get a better position with cover from the top and from Cora’s sling bullets.

One of the archers firing at Cora strikes Cora hard in the left shoulder just above the heart. The oil slick feather fletching smells of bile and scat as it protrudes from the wound. (10 points of damage) The goblin quickly reloads his bow for a second shot grinning evilly as he figures the Halfling to be dead shortly.


With mechanical efficiency you are getting used to this upper battlefield management. It makes it easier that you get to sing and chant poetry as you go, unbelievably, sometimes people don’t appreciate that. It seems to be working very good right now though. Two more axe wielding goblins sprout feathered headgear just above their ears before they fall to the earth in a heap. The circular pattern of bodies around the barbarian is beginning to look very impressive…while you know they are not all of the barbarian’s kills, the sight is nonetheless very remarkable.
Strangely, you hear a silence to your left. It that right…can you hear silence? It is more of an absence of sound that becomes striking due to its earlier prevalence. Anyhow, it now seems that Alma and Talton are fighting goblins…but there is no noise of sword or hammer…no yells or screams…and no death throws. For those two at least, you know your inspiration will only last 30 more seconds.


Just as you are stepping out of the bushes to rush over toward the smokescreen three goblins round the corner seemingly searching for something….you quickly step back into the bushes for cover and send an arrow their way. The arrow hits the lead goblin right between the eyes and drops him on the spot. The two other goblins look at each other and then toward the bush before they start fire arrows at the bushes. The arrows seem to go quite wide making you think they can’t actually see you but know where you are. They press forward slightly with their bows drawn ready to continue firing.


Scanning the battle with an expert eye you, you take down the last two goblins attacking Lornaal. Knowing the barbarian needs a breather, or some healing, before he continues; you know his health will help the party considerably.

You notice the feathered chieftain come out of hiding and charge with two other warriors toward where the rogues are. You also notice a red-robed goblin appear out of thin air besides the angry bison and the goblins fighting it.


The celestial bison catches one of the hammer wielding greenskins with his horn and gores the poor thing across the back of the tent—throwing the body ten feet up into the air.

Talton swings back his mace, now using his shield for defence, clubs the goblin on his far right while taking a step backward to take advantage of his giant reach. The goblin crumples like a walnut in a nutcracker hitting the ground in a wet thump.

It looks as though Talton tries to yell something before he starts shaking his head in anger and starts swinging his mace with more passion.

The green-skined goblins wielding axes move to step back up toward Talton as he steps back. Talton, sensing the opportunity calves the skull of one of the four as they step forward; while Alma cuts both legs off of another as it tries to step forward moving away from the Cyonian. The two surviving that manage to close in with Talton are stymied by his thick plate armour.

The goblins with the purple tunics and wielding war hammers : two close in on Alma, two close in on Lornaal and two continue to battle the celestial bison. Both goblins strike the bison causing the beast to rear up dangerously kicking with its front hooves. One attacking Alma is fooled by one of the illusions and watches as his war hammer drift through the phantasm (lose one image). The two fighting the barbarian timidly try to feel out the tribesman, but fail to strike his lithe body.


Seeing the five goblins closing in on her, Cora decides to make a run for it. Running around the tent and heading for the bush behind the smokescreen she sees the two archers sneaking up from behind the same bush. Not knowing what else to do she fires a sling bullet at the closest and then dives into the same bush as Terrence sharing the cover of the well-used shrubbery. Unfortunately the sling-bullet goes quite wide of its target and clatters into the cliff wall behind the target.

You and Terrence are now face to face in the large bush as he is ducking low with his bow extended and you are panting from running and having to back-track.


The wolves launch toward their targets gnashing their teeth and chasing down the goblins that were there targets…following them toward the barbarian. Two of the wolves strike their targets; but, neither of the goblins are killed in the attack.

Watching the archers round the far end of the camp you aim your Sleep spell to get its greatest effect. While the 3 archers are now two…they both succumb to the effects of the magic and hit the ground in deep slumber.

Looking to get closer to the action you try to tumble down the hill…very unsuccessfully. Hitting your head and scraping your knees on the way down you are a bit dazed as you hit the bottom. (take 6 points of damage)

Round Five Battlemap

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