Meta Ruins of Myvolia

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

Thirst for Knowledge and Blood

Faces flush with exhaustion and determination The Company stands around the fire with weapons drawn surrounding the prisoners. The dancing orange of the fire-light contrasts strongly with the deep blue of the cooling autumn night and the smell of blood and sweat permeate camp. As T’alen translates the questions and answers to The Company you can just make out the breaths of the two mingling in the cold night air—speaking of a winter to come.

After making sure all the rest of the combatants are dead, doing a secondary search of the camp, and checking the tracks of the northbound goblins, the whole group silently takes a half step forward shrinking the living cage that surrounds the greenskins. The goblins warriors that are left begin to huddle together ignoring their chieftain…they see the silent stares between the group and the deadly intent inherent. The occasional gravelly whimper can be heard escaping the creatures as they realize the chance of escape from the group that just decimated their whole camp is quickly approaching zero.

Kaarak’s wide eyes dart back and forth squinting in terror and distrust as he tries to comprehend what The Company is talking about while discussing the possibilities. He seemingly knows a few common words but can’t string a sentence together. He begins wringing his hands together desperately and the other goblins have forgotten their anger of the chief and replaced it with sheer terror as none of The Company has decided to sheath their weapons. The chieftain eagerly waits to be addressed and welcomes any questions with fawning praise.

Where? Uh, well, I think we are heading for the Bonegrind. I only lead the Sistarks, Nargash was the one leading us. Only two chieftains chose to come on the pilgrimage. Me and Etter. Etter went ahead with some scouts to look for some Crow Eaters in the Black Wood.

He smiles gratefully for the opportunity to be helpful. Raising his hands as if imploring you to use him some more Kaarak nods his head happily.

Nargash? He was a mighty priest of Erythnul…you must be very powerful to defeat him in combat! He told us of the awakening and of the summons to the homeland…there is supposed to be some sort of gathering at the Bonegrind. I’m not really a priest…and he didn’t really share a lot of information with me. He kept saying that Erythnul would be glad to accept my soul if I didn’t feel helpful in this world…so I didn’t ask too many questions.

Again nodding happily he makes a little clucking noise that could almost be considered a purr of contentment.

I’m not sure anyone actually rules Lodd? There are great powerful creatures of legend living in the far north…and there are powerful orc and goblin nations spread throughout…but…I don’t think there is a king or anything sir…I’m sure you would know if there is…you are so much smarter than me. But, Lodd is bigger than all of the Northlands…or so the stories go. I was but a small boy the last time I was within my motherland.

He looks at you sideways…a little leery that he didn’t give you what you wanted; but, after a second starts nodding his head content that he gave you what he could.

I’ve never heard of Naylia.

He begins shaking a little.

Are you sure it is in Lodd? I’ve never heard of it…it doesn’t sound goblinoid.

His eyes strain with the fear of not being believed. His lips begin to whiten and the skin around his eyes tenses and twitches in strain. He reaches out to grab your hand and starts sobbing a little that he really doesn’t know the answer.

I don’t know what a quota is. And I’m not sure what you are talking about.

Almost reaching a screeching wail the blubbering chieftain now sees his death as certain and barely makes the words come out as he weepingly explains that he doesn’t know anything about a letter or quota and that he was just following the priest so that the priest would stop killing his tribe.

Curate Kadre…sounds like an administrator for the church of Erythnul.

Desperately grabbing on to something that he might know a little about…his sobs die to a simpering whine.

Ohhhh. The Bloodgorge Order is part of the old religion. They were the takers for the sacrifice. They used to raid villages every year and take the youngest and strongest to burn in their pyres and stretch across their racks and slaughter in their temples. The old ways of Erythnul are mostly avoided now-a-days as it’s hard to grow a nation strong when you keep on killing your best members. It took the priests a long time to realize slaughter could work two ways.

He almost laughed at his witty last line…and he smiles with a large wad of mucus resting on the crest of his mouth and tear-lines crossing his green wrinkled face. Rubbing his hands together as if trying to warm them he continues answering the questions.

Which farm? Oh, you mean the last one. Well, since Eythnul still demands slaughter…and we don’t sacrifice ourselves anymore we use the Right of Battle to find sacrifices. It is much easier and more practical.

This seems matter of fact to him…and he apparently misses the anger of The Company increasing due to his flippant words. He smiles reassuringly. Intense whimpers now start chorusing from the warrior goblins behind him.

Who is my god? Well, I’ve never been very religious…but when a priest of Erythnul comes to visit your tribe you better pick up the slack or he might decide to revisit the old ways with your head and the heads of your family. I hear Pelor is a good god to worship? Perhaps I will start praying to him…and learn to live with the tribes of man?

He smiles pathetically in what you guess was meant to be ingratiating.

T’alen, sick of dealing with the lecherous little beast, turns away and starts walking toward the east. Like a silent deadly breeze Cora slips behind the chieftain and slits his throat from ear-to-ear. The greenskin starts gurgling…completely surprised from the sneak attack…his arms flailing as he desperately tries to speak…and then yell out to his captors.

Talton, not trying to hide anything, strides up to the goblin and smashes its skull in with his mace leaving nothing but a crater where the ingratiating face was.

Before the body of the chieftain can even hit the ground the other goblins scatter, screeching in terror. They scramble every which direction causing a slight stir in The Company. Perhaps causing a bit more trouble than was expected…not one goblin survives the melee…no great escape…no rousing story to be sung.

The quiet that ensues after the slaughter is deafening.

The Company of the Manicore goes about piling the bodies for a mass grave or burning, organizing what equipment they wish to keep and what they wish to leave, setting up a suitable camp and watch, and organizing a way to evenly distribute the treasure gained. While the words of Kandure echo in your minds.

This isn’t the first tribe I’ve followed up to the Blackstone. If you don’t make your move now, I would be VERY careful about heading into those woods without some serious reinforcements.

After securing the camp and cleaning the mess of the battle…the night passes uneventfully. You wake up to steel gray skies and the light flaky fluttering of the first snows hitting the ground and melting before it can accumulate.

Okay, we should definitely get the treasure allotment in writing so that Dwayne can organize the page properly. As well, you guys should decide if you are burying, carrying, or taking some of the equipment and coins back to the village. After Dwayne has adjusted the treasure he will distribute the shares allotted…you must update you character when this happens. If you are pooling the money together there need to be a clear allotment of shares for when you do get to a place where you can spend it.

As a general rule of thumb used equipment can be sold for a quarter of the list value in the Players Handbook. If it is steel and in good condition you can get half the listed value. This assumes that you find vendors that can accept the sheer volume of stock…this might not be the case in most small villages.

I also need a consensus on what direction The Company going to head.


How about some out of character discussion about the next direction and the treasure allotment: just post in this comment section so that it doesn’t get lost on the Facebook thread.

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

My recommendation (just a thought…you must agree on your own) for dealing with party treasure:

Pool all coin. Distribute evenly but everyone must ‘tithe’ 15% to the group funds for potions, mounts and other resources that may be needed.

Example: Party finds 1000gp. 150gp goes to The Company bank (15%). And then each character gets an even share with fractions going to the bank. So each character gets 106gp 2sp and 5cp (1/8 of the balance after the group tithe).

Create a group armory for non-expendable magical and mundane items. Characters may borrow said items unless they want to purchase them from the group (must have quorum) at 50% book for all steel and magical items, and 25% book for all other items, minus that character’s share. Otherwise the group may vote to sell the item to purchase other items.

Example: Lornaal wants the +1 battle axe. The book is 2310gp. He may purchase the Axe if the group agrees that it is okay with a majority (five votes) by paying 1155gp (50% of book) – 144gp (1/8, his share of 50% book)= 1011gp.

This money is then divided like coin to the rest of the group: so 150gp (15%) goes to The Company bank and then 123gp goes to each member (1/7th).

This method is meant to be advantageous to the people getting the items so that you don’t have to deal with the inflated prices of vendors.

I would also suggest a ‘promise to buy’ system by allowing a character to only take 40% of his share until the item is fully purchased…to be tracked on The Company bank page and controlled by the treasurer.

For expendable magical or non-metal mundane items I would suggest selling at 25% of book in the same fashion.

Mundane and magical items may be distributed evenly if book values are of like value instead of contributing to the armory. This is to be treated just as coin with an equal share to all…and will work well with potions of healing and other similar minor magical potions.

Any member may refuse a share to donate to the group fund or allowed to be distributed evenly to the rest of The Company.

New members must contribute 250gp or 50% of their share until 250gp is reached to The Company bank as a one time initiation fee. All current members are paid and in good standing.

All disputes should be handled with majority votes: if there isn’t a majority Matrim, Sebastian and T’alen should make a second vote with the 2/3rds deciding the outcome.

Death of a character shall constitute the honoring of said character’s will minus any debt owed to The Company. If there is no will, all personal effects shall remain with the body while all weapons, valuables, and coin shall be distributed evenly among the surviving characters minus the 15% tithe to The Company.

In the case of magical resurrection (very rare in this world) if a means is available the deceased must have placed the appropriate condition in their will stipulating all funds must go toward the cause of his resurrection and that his body must be adequately preserved for a resurrection. The Company is in no way responsible for the balance of the resurrection; but, with a unanimous vote, may choose to allocate funds to the cause—as well as quest for any requisite materials or individuals needed for the procedure.

Thoughts? Other ideas?

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

this works for me however what happen to the gear we put into the group pot? For example i have my eye on the mithril shirt. So i take that for 650 Gp so i have MW studded leather does the 50% of book for the armor get subtracted from the cost of the mithril or do i keep it and try and sell it myself?

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

I’m easy. Everything you laid out sounds equitable to me. Just tell me what I get money-wise and i’ll put it down! I like words not numbers!

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

Jake: if the group wants to buy your armor you would have to discuss that with the rest of the group. I don’t think they would want to though…unless you needed some coin from the bank…then talk to T’alen about it to see if The Company would front you the money in exchange for your armor…which they would then sell when the opportunity presented itself.

That would be my idea…I would like to hear others ideas as well: I know Trevor posted something similar to this on Facebook a while back…I couldn’t find it though. And I know at least one of you wanted a first-come-first-serve type of model…I wouldn’t recommend it but we’ve all seen it work before.

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

I really disagree with first come first serve. It can be grating when one player manages to repeatedly scoop all of the valuable items while others are busy fighting or otherwise role playing.

I know that this can be hard for rogues, because where does an individual’s lifted items become their own, rather than the groups. I think that we can agree, however, that burgling an item on ones own is ok, but stealing something that would have been group plunder is a bad idea.

I tend to think that characters should be able to sell their used gear back to the bank at 50%, allowing them to trade a +1 sword for a +2 axe, say. The bank can always unload the gear later for coin (though there is risk that it won’t get full value, it still makes it easier to put gear in our characters’ hands in an equitable way).

I also believe that a bidding process should be set up for items that multiple characters want.

And finally, all disputes should be handled through duels to the death.

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

Sorry, I’m not sure if I was clear about my point of trading gear back to the bank. I didn’t actually mean that a character can trade a +1 sword for a +2 axe, but rather could return the sword at 50% value to defray some of the cost for purchasing the +2 axe at 50%.

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

A banking system the encourages group fighting! Why didn’t I think of that?

I like the bidding system! And trading up from a previous purchase is a good idea…not sure about old personal equipment…but if you buy a +1 sword you should be able to trade back and pay the difference at equal face value.

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

I like all the ideas presented here so far…it sounds the most fair way to go about it. I kinda had my eye on the shortbow but I can’t even use it to its full benefit. Lol I think the 15% is a good number for group contributions too. I forgot to putt in my last post that I wanted to search the priest tent thoroughly for any other notes or missives. As far as a direction, I don’t think we should rush after the goblins if they enter the Forrest. … track to the edge maybe…but I think maybe we should talk to some of the other (plains) tribes first. Any thoughts?

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

I also like to add Need before Greed is a good way. The mithril shirt being small and light and no dex bonus makes sense to give to jake. Bow to archer and so on. I will only take my cut in coin and some arrows to replenish and some rations as there are no items that peeked my interest.

My take on the goblins, track em down and kill them, so far no other tribes know we are on their trail. Catch up with the scouts before they can alert the others. We did well with the element of surprise but an ambush I doubt we would fare so well.

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

I do think there should be a need system in place. Here’s what i propose, mundane treasure like coins/gems/jewelry etc. split evenly among the group after the company takes its share(percentage to be argued out later),

non-magical non-mundane treasure(like the mithril shirt)be offered on a need basis for 50% of list value to be paid by the character who needs it(need being agreed on by the party, lets face it the wizard doesn’t need a mithril shirt).

Magical treasure[non expendable](lets face it we all want it), follow the same type of need system with any conflict solved by a bid system, starting at 50% item value and going up until only one person remains.

Consumable/expendable magical items will be kept by the company bank and doled out as needed. If the bank contains expendable items someone wants(like scrolls to be expended to add to spell books spell-books) can be purchased at 50% value with no backing from the company.

Any greed based purchase from the company store is done so with no financial backing from the company. Need based purchases(agreed by group consensus) can be backed by the company bank with future shares of treasure being docked by 70% until the debt is paid back to the company bank, and being excluded from further backing until the debt is paid in full(prevents rampant debt to the company and potential bankruptcy, and stops people from bidding ridiculous amounts to have the best bling, hopefully preventing more pissing contests in the group).

A share is an equal portion of mundane treasure paid out to the group members after the company bank takes its percentage. Non active characters will not receive a share of any treasure in question(so backup characters will not be getting any loot).

Excess treasure can be actively sold by the bank to procure what ever funds and additional gear as deemed necessary by the active characters.

Character death and treasure re-allocation: In the absence of a characters will all mundane treasure/belongings will revert to ownership of the company, any non mundane belongings may be reallocated to active members if they agree otherwise they will revert to the ownership of the company and be bought from the bank at 50% value like other treasure/loot. In event of a will, all monetary amounts will revert back to the company, as well as any mounts or other mundane transportation. Any non-mundane belongings will be distributed as dictated by the will.

In regards to our direction, if we have a chance to catch the scouts i think we should, if we can’t before we reach the woods as warned, we should seek out some plains tribes and seek their help.

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

I used the 50% and 25% figures because most of the time you are likely to only get 25%-50% of the book if you sell them to a vendor. So the actual value of the treasure…unless it is land, will be a depreciation of the book value.

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

It seems no one is in vehement disagreement with the system of banking put forth so far. I like Dwaynes 70% withhold for debt repayment and the idea that if you already owe you cannot borrow untill you are paid up. I think selling Items back to the bank however is a bad Idea. If someone else within the group wishs to purchase one of your old Items so be it but the Group bank is not a shop to sell your cast offs to. Because Dave applies real world logic to the game(silly Dave) used items have low value in his campaigns… the only thing I see a problem with is the unwanted but usefull items.. for example, no one is jumping for joy over the “small” battle axe or the small bow. I myself have a MW MC longbow(+4 STR) so the weapon makes no sense to me but there are people in the group whom it would be usefull too. In the system as it is laid out such items would not help our group but sit in bags because no one wants to “pay” for them.

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

I think the idea is, that if items aren’t being used they are liquidated when ever possible…a group fund allows that to happen more fluidly with a better cash flow…potentially.

But we should probably vote on a couple of the contentious issues…like percentages, gp caps, trades, buying and selling…ect

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

I like it. Split money type treasure equally and try to get special/magical items on the people who need/will use them best. I’m fine with whatever % system the group decides on. Except a spiked codpiece. I call dibs on that.

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

if we find the black rusian i am sure the group will let you have it

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath

10 points for Black Adder references

DM - Goblin Camp - Aftermath
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