Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Deaths Shield

Seeing the party split to tackle both barricades Talton grabs a scroll from a case tied at the back of his waist. Quickly he runs after Alma tapping him on the shoulder as he mutters a prayer under his breath. With a brief flash of silver and the acrid smell of sulfur Alma feels the familiar tingle of magic coursing through his body.

A death ward.

Talton mutters, out of breath and turning to run back to the northern barricade. Craning his head back into the blinding snow where Alma just was he yells,

You can still be hurt by them…they just can’t damage your soul!!

(immune to death effects, level drain, energy drain, and negative energy attacks)

Staring the northern barricade down and grabbing his holy symbol with one hand it begins to glow with a blue silver intensity.

All right men! Lets hold this ground. This is the world of the living! Lets show these unholy fucks how we intend to stay alive!!!


Talton is like that kind of kick-ass military chaplin who keeps a bible in one pocket and a grenade in the other.

Deaths Shield
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