Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Cora - Undeadville

Distract them? Are you insane? Where is Alma?

Cora asks.

you do realize that if you die to the undead you become one? Ahh crap!!

Cora rubs her face as she remembers Bess was attacked and is prolly one now too,

Bess was being chased out of the inn by 2 undead. So she is prolly one now too. Listen give me a second get into position. I will lead them into the street and try to loose them once it is clear go get the horses saddled and ready. Don’t wait for Alma or myself once the horses are saddle get them to safety. Good luck to you!

As Cora slips out the door.

Ok so my plan is to sneak out past the door and over the fence. I want to stay close to the house. Once I’m over the fence I’m going to light a sunrod and yell to get the undeads attention. Once I feel I have their attention I will then ignite a smokestick and drop it on the ground from there I run to the front of the inn with the sunrod in my hand. I will toss the sunrod in hopes to feint them into thinking I ran into the mayor’s house but I want to run into the inn and out the back.

Roll: 1d20+11
21 = 10[d20]+11

Roll: 1d20+9
16 = 7[d20]+9


Wild_Gazebo Farm_Owl

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