Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Cora - Tundrein

Cora - enjoys the small town

It was better then we thought.

Cora grins when she sees Kandure sitting on the stone. She was grateful the way Kandure was able to get the ponies to Cooperate with him. She was ready to cut her loses and kill each and everyone of them for making her slop around in the river to get them across.

Finally I am going to soak in a nice hot tub until i get this stench of goblin off of me.

Cora says as they approach the city. She waves farewell to Kandure and thanks him for the help as he disappears into the forest. She so happy to have a nice hot bowl of stew and wolfs down 2 bowls of stew. As Alma blabbers on about how the company slaughtered the goblins. As the inn begin to fill up and Alma who seems to be enjoying telling the story over and over again. Until the mayor shows up and offers to make their stay more comfortable. Cora doesn’t hesitate.

A nice HOT tub would be amazing. Once we have concluded our business.

Cora knows Alma wants to make a deal for the weapons. She wants to be there when this happens, as much as she trusts Alma with her life. She knows he is a bit naive when it comes to judging a persons worth. She also would like to see if she could get her hands on a couple of daggers and maybe a bandoleer for them as well.


Wild_Gazebo Farm_Owl

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