Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Cora - quick hide!!

Time almost pause for Cora as she weighs her options. She glances at the well Nope I’ll be stuck in there, make for the other side of the street? Nope they will run me down, back inside the mayor’s again?!!

Cora looks at the little girl and grins as she bolts for the Mayor’s front door. Cora quickly draws 2 of her smoke stick and ignites them as she begin to make for the door. Her timing and preciseness is key for what she is about to do.

Ranged attack:
Roll: 1d20+10
28 = 18[d20]+10

Roll: 1d20+9
24 = 15[d20]+9

Roll: 1d20+11
24 = 12[d20]+12

Man here goes some shake and bake. I dont know if this will work but I want to throw one of the smoke stick past the front door so that it will mask the enterance and around the otherside of the house. Once I get to the door I want to toss the other smoke stick inside as well my buckler in hopes to make it sound like I ran inside. But I dont want to I will go past and go silent. I think that will be one action round and prolly more but i hope this works. let me know what i need to roll for this miracle to work lol.


I break this down as a 2 round maneuver. Cora is almost exactly 40’ from the front door (Sketchup has a nifty tape measure in it that allows exact measurements from the models!)

Round 1, Cora will take 2 move actions:

Move action 1: draw smoke sticks
Move action 2: move 40’ (hustling)

Round 2, Cora will take 1 move action, 2 free actions and 1 ranged attack

Ranged attack: against AC 5 to throw the smoke stick in the square that she wants to
Free actions: drop the smoke stick and the buckler
Move action: leap into smoke screen (bluffing)

So the rolls that I need are a ranged attack against AC 5 for the thrown smoke stick, a bluff check for dodging into the smoke screen and a hide check for when you hit the ground. Good luck. I love shit like this!

Cora - quick hide!!

I just added my rolls if i need added rolls due to the undead that is engaged with me let me know. Otherwise i will continue as planned

Cora - quick hide!!
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