Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Cora - Pacified

Cora - kills

After the the goblin leader and the rest of the goblins surrender. Cora smiles at Lornaal as he makes fun of her hiding in the brush. Cora sits back in the shadows and waits. She knows there will be questions asked about where they came from and why they were gathering up. She waits till T’alen is done interrogating the leader and walks a way.
Cora doesn’t wait for anyone to give the okay she quietly walks up behind the leader and slits his throat and looks into his eyes as his life slips from this world and says

Don’t worry we will be sending more of your kind to keep you company.

Move silently 25 = 14[d20]11
Hide 26 = 14[d20]


Wild_Gazebo Farm_Owl

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