Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Cora- Opps

ALMA WATCH OUT!!! Its like you stepped into it.

Cora yells after she realizes that maybe the alchemist fire wasnt a good choice.

There is another one? Why in gods name would you keep the dead in a barn? Why wouldn’t you bury them or better yet burn them?

Cora rants as she readies for another volley.


Roll: 1d20+4
16 = 12[d20]+4


I just realize we might not get to roll initiative again but i did you can either use or dont just let me know so i dont do it again the next round =)

Cora- Opps

You only need to roll initiative at the beginning of the encounter. You can move up and down the order by either focusing (for a round) or holding your move.

As for the Alchemist’s Fire, I used the attack rolls you made, but altered things like this:

-2 to attack for each attack due to the use of Rapid Shot (pg 99 of PHB) to use two missiles.

A splash weapon is a ranged touch attack, with a normal thrown range increment of 10’. Because you used a sling with a range increment of 50’, however, I gave you a range of 30’ (splitting the difference, due to the extra range of a sling, but the awkwardness of a vial as a bullet). Regardless, the undead farmer was well within your range.

The attack is a Ranged Touch Attack. If successful, you hit your target, dealing 1d6 fire damage on the first round, and 1d6 damage on the second round. However, all squares within 5’ of the targeted space are also affected by the splash and in the case of Alchemists Fire they suffer 1 point of damage (enough to wink out a couple of Alma’s mirror images).

The section of splash weapons in the PHB is on pg 158.

Anyhow, I just wanted to clarify how I had gone through that section!

I like your style.

Cora- Opps

Ok sorry played D&D last week and we did it by round and forgot my bad.

Cora- Opps
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