Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Cora - next round

Cora - holds

Unsure what do to, as Cora knows the Chieftain and two of his lackeys are swing for the fence hoping to stumble on something that resembles Terrance or her. She decides to hold fast and wait to see what they do. If they come in she will attack if they stay out of the smoke. She hopes her companions will be here before the smoke fades, too engage them. So she draws her dagger and readies an alchemist fire and waits.

So if they do come in the alchemist fire will be for my attack of opportunity (as he enters my threat range) on the Chieftain. But I want to sneak attack one of his lackeys on my action from holding it last round. So I think I have the order mixed up but you get what I am saying.

Sneak attack
17 = 12[d20]5
10 = 2[d3]

Alchemist Fire Ranged Attack
27 = 17[d20]+10


While I know I’ve steered you wrong on a couple of rules so far Jake, I just want to reiterate for you these ones.

Attack of opportunities are only triggered by ‘leaving’ a square…or by certain actions that happened whole threatened.

Sneak attacks can only be used if you can see you target. So if there is any concealment you can’t use a sneak attack.

The three opponents are literally in adjacent squares to Cora: But, as of right now they can’t see you and and you can’t see them. You, are effectively blind…and they are just slashing into the smoke and bushes…and are capable of striking you.

So, your contingent plans would only work if the smoke was not there…or you can just attack and hope it hits.

Cora - next round
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