Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Cora - in the clear

When Cora reaches the old mills she is relieved to see Alma has made it out alive. She could tell the battle has taken its toll on him and Pete. She also knows that this won’t be a safe place for long. Cora can’t understand Alma methods consoling them won’t help they aren’t out of the weeds just yet.
If you fill their mind with hope that the worst is over. Will only destroy them if they are attacked. She grabs him and does her best to pulls him aside. If Kandure is around still she will try to include him in this conversation.

Why lie to them? Your only going to hurt them in the end. Did you see the girl?

There was something not right how was she controlling them? We need to know more about this girl?

How safe is this place? Is this a named spot where they retreat if their village is attacked? If so we can’t stay here for much longer!

Cora says as quietly as possible so that no one could hear her. As much as it is best they know what is happening she doesn’t want set a panic.

I don’t just say all those questions at once I left spaces to allow some conversation to happen in between. But I do address all of them.


Cora shut your mouth and mind your business, we are all going to live! Hope is the most powerful healer of people in this sort of situation, Hope and the will to survive. The Girl is possessed by the spirit of the priest of slaughter I killed…evil priests have a way with undead. As for the mill… these people can run no further tonight, and if we are to be overtaken better here then the open road.

Cora - in the clear

Do you honestly believe the stuff your saying? Yes, maybe the worst is over but the nightmare is just beginning for these people and you lying to them isn’t helping. Don’t fill them with a lie to just leave them in the end. Unless this is your plan?… You going to step up and be this towns hero? Protect them from whatever enters their little town. Cause the last time I checked we were just here to help out the little girl turned into the “Dead goblin”.

Cora says sarcastically.

Which is another thing since when have you studied the dark magics to know that the little is now possessed by the spirit of the goblin priest we killed back in the mountain? I would think between your personal grooming methods and whoring about one wouldn’t have time for such thing.
I think that grease you’ve been lathering on yourself is starting to seep into your skin and is effecting you thinking.
As for these folks who are you to speak for them. These folks will run as far as it will take to ensure they live. I won’t stay here for much longer and I suggest you have these people ready to move on a whisper if we need too. Now I will head back a bit and scout out for any trouble watch for my signal. If you see it you best have these people moving cause we can not fight this enemy.

Cora - in the clear

OoC—Love the character differences here!!

Cora - in the clear

Yeah, this is awesome!

Cora - in the clear

Alma lets out a low chuckle. “even my own companions forget … just because I wield this great blade that I am very much versed in the ways of the arcane” Alma takes this time to (conveniently) use mend spells to repair a bit of his battle worn gear. In a quiet whisper Alma adds “As for the Darkness of what I’ve studied, that will remain between myself and my soul”. Alma clears his throat and looks around the room. “My path, little one, remains to be seen, What I do know is that I will not simply abandon these people and head north to be a ‘hero’…. for the obvious contradictory reasons”.

Cora - in the clear

Cora laughs at Alma.
Are you going to sit here and try and con me. Listen I can tell the difference between gifted ability and gifted knowledge and you my friend were give a gifted ability. You have no interest in how the magic works you just use it….
Either way if what you say is true and the goblin priest is now that little girl you realize that it is our fault that these people are here right now and there is more goblins heading north for some gathering. What do you think is going to happen when they all meet for this gathering? I understand you want to look the hero for Brianna. But listen when this gathering is done there is only one way to go and thats south and do you think they are just going to skip through town and leave everyone alive? The battle is north Alma not here. So you can sit here and waste time protecting these people and look the hero for Brianna. But in the morning I plan on heading north to catch up with our friend and meet this gathering on head on.

Cora heads off into the forest to find a good spot to watch for attackers.

Move silently:
Roll: 1d20+11
22 = 11[d20]+11

Roll: 1d20+12
19 = 7[d20]+12

Roll: 1d20+5
25 = 20[d20]+5

Roll: 1d20+6
24 = 18[d20]+6

I will need more spot/search rolls let me know how many or you can roll them it don’t matter to me.

Oh and when do we lvl??

Cora - in the clear

Alma can’t help but smile as Cora storms away. Someone unaware of her history would think her a callous bitch… Alma knows that little woman would sling a stone at a Dragons head to save someone as long as she figured she could get away alive… The undead must really have her rattled. Alma tries to get some rest he really is tired.

Cora - in the clear
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