Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Cora - feels like a pin cushion

Cora listens to the company voice their opinion about the villagers. She then walks over to Talton as he offers to heal the group.

About time the healer offers to heal people.

Cora thinks as she begins to pull out the arrows one by one.

Yes Dave tell me how much damage I take for doing this unless someone stops me from pulling them out.

Once Talton heals Cora up she then jumps up walk over to the Mithril shirt, she had been eyeing that up since it had been added to the pile. She picks it up walks into one of the tents and takes of the leather armor she had and puts on the Mithril Shirt and comes out.

How do I look?

She says as she walks over and adds her leather armor to the pile. She looks a T’alen,

I’ll be buying this with my share of the loot.

Cora says as she starts to pack up the non magical weapons into her bag. She looks around at the company, who seem to be in shock with her actions.

What?…. You dont seriously think I’m claim this stuff too? I thought Alma plan was a excellent idea.

She says as she continues to pack the weapons into get bag.

I can fit about 80 LBS into the middle bag. I want to save enough room for me to put as much copper the group decides to give to the little girl.

Once Cora was done filling her bag. She pulls out 2 of the bottle of wine she had stole from that bar in Parlone and asks.

Where are we setting up camp? We should celebrate our victory.

She smiles as she holds up the bottles of wine.


Wild_Gazebo Farm_Owl

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