Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Battle by Torchlight

DM - Blackwood - Ravine - Round Two


Ensconced in the shadows of the hill you let loose twice more. The orc at the fore, with his head down and shield up, manages to deflect your first arrow into the night. While the goblin behind him sinuously tries to dodge the second shot to no avail. He takes the arrow just at the top of the shoulder; but, it doesn’t slow him down save for a quick whispered command to the orc beside him. Looking closer at the two creatures you detect not just a cocksure charge; but a decisive tactic of experience. The goblin walks low and sure, like a stalking cougar, and the orc beside him stands straight upright with the thorough presence of mind to hide behind his large shield. The two are b-lining toward the barbarian with iron determination.

Orange Eyed Goblin

The bestial goblin engaging Talton springs in to action. In a blinding blur of claw, teeth and blue hair the small creature rips into the flesh of the priest—seemingly finding the flaws in the hulking cleric’s plate armor. Wads of flesh and blood go flying from the bestial strikes as the creature sinks its teeth into the side of Taltons neck while clawing at his chest and arms.

Strangely, every few seconds the goblin shimmers as if he were disappearing only to reappear a split second later as if nothing happened. Effect kinda makes it look like the beast lives half in this world and half in another.

Staggering back from the barrage from the little beast Talton doubles up. Taking his mace in both of his hands he strikes out at the villain hoping to crush the creature before it can strike again. With great precision the mace connects with the beasts head; but, to the starting surprise of Talton the mace travels right through the creature sending Talton stumbling off balance exposing the back of his shoulder to his opponent.

A leering smile greats the cleric as the creature launches into a second volley of claws and teeth.

Attack: 18(d20) +6 = 24
Damage: 5(d8) +2 = 7
Hit Points: 12/28


Taken aback by the spectacle on display, you steel yourself with two more arrow volleys into the wild goblin. Both arrows find a home on the right top chest of the goblin. Both arrows felt the full force of your draw…but they don’t seem to strike the goblin deep. The two arrows sink into the beast’s flesh and then fall out as if they didn’t have a good hold. The goblin, though registering a wince, doesn’t slow for a second.


Taking cover in the trees you aim your shot. Lining up the goblin you get a close look at him. He moves low to the ground wary of his environment and stalks forward like a hunting cat. In one hand is a light mace that has an eerie dark glow to it…almost like if darkness could burn like a candle. While his other hand is always held back, as if he was getting ready to draw a knife and join a fight. You loose your arrow at the creature. With stunning agility the goblin makes a quick move and lets the arrow travel into the night behind him. Cursing to yourself, you are sure that you would normally hit the target but he must have seen you. In fact, both creatures seem to notice where you are hiding…but are choosing to attack the barbarian instead.


Taking a cautious step down the hill you let loose with some of your fire-power. Sending a ray of scorching fire at the cocky goblin you wait to see if the beast is consumed in the flames. Unbelievably, the ray travels right through the goblin and sets fire to a small bush on the other side of the hill, lighting up a small section of the ravine. You are sure you made a direct hit; but, the ray passed through him like he wasn’t there. Searching your memory, you scramble for a mental purchase.

The creature must be using a Blink spell…and has claws…which means, that most likely this isn’t a goblin. You have read in the histories of creatures from other planes that start to infest the goblin populations. They start to take over and create extra turmoil within the ranks of the beasts. In fact, there are theories that this is how the horde years were created in the past. But, many scholars don’t really believe in the horde years thinking it is a silly exaggeration in sagas. Or, more likely, an intense overpopulation boom forcing a migratory, refugee-type-warrior, driven south to find food and shelter.

Either way, you must be careful.

The hound continues his assault on the goblins on the far side of the cart. Snapping and gnashing he manages two bring one down. Though still alive, it is too injured to continue on and lies on the ground hoping not to get further crippled by the celestial dog.


With a quick look over your right shoulder you see two more creatures on their way. Smacking the orc’s shield aside with your knee, butting his sword arm with the haft of your spear, you neatly sweep the legs of the orc with your spear blade. You then casually skewer the neck of the prone orc severing its bulbous head to roll gently to the side. Feeling the nourishment of the raging battle feed the bear inside you, you wait calmly for the next contestants.

Goblins to the West

Seeing his companion go down the other goblin swings its hammer crushing the skull of the lone dog. The celestial creature goes down in a hump only to disappear from the battlefield seconds later. The goblin kneels down beside his companion to bandage his companion’s wounds; while nervously watching the rest of the skirmish.

Goblin with Mace

Stalking across the battle toward Lornaal he raises his mace. The mace swirls with dark tendrils of energy—broadcasting its obviously magical properties. The agile goblin ducks low and starts to swing toward the ready barbarian with the eerie looking weapon. Then, with the quickness of a striking asp, he grabs a dagger from his back belt and plunges it into the underarm of the seasoned barbarian striking a major artery. The devilishly fast strike causes a geyser of blood to pour from the barbarian onto the field…mingling with the blood of his foes. (21 pts of damage) With that the goblin drops the blood covered dagger to the ground and brandishes the dark mace before him, crouched, ready to do combat with the plainsman.

The Last Orc

Striding forward beside the goblin, the orc makes a pretense at shielding himself and the goblin from the missile attacks coming from the hill and bushes. He looks to be trying to maneuver around the barbarian so that the two creatures can attack from both sides. Getting completely around the raging plainsman the orc keeps his defences up high and readies himself for an opening.


What do you do next??


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