Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Alma - Time to move.

I hates evil Priests!

Alma knows this is wasting to much time… These pitiful skeletons are a delaying tactic by that twisted little bastard priest… And the barbarian, fearsome as his battle rage is, has taken far to many hits! Alma had to do something now. With anouther Vicious stroke of hir blade alma attempts to dispatch his two living opponents starting with the one on the left.

Power attack for 1 PT

23 = 14[d20]+8+1


16 = 5[d6]2[d6]9

If Dropped
Hit on Goblin 2
17 = 8[d20]+8+1


19 = 6[d6]4[d6]9

Alma then disengages, moving to back away from the leader and the skeletons around the tent. He figures the best way to assist the barbarian is to free up the cleric to go heal him, So he circles the tent and moves to engage two of the goblins threatening the cleric.

Our barbarian friend has need of you good healer!

-Alma will give up anouther attack of opportunity to threaten 2 of the creatons on the cleric (To where the Alma tag is).



Wild_Gazebo Lord_Cycer

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