Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Alma - This town may be doomed!

These Bastards are annoying.

Back off Peter, He’s to strong for you!

Alma Steps towards Ol’ Zeke and cleaves thru the injured Undead (can I call them Wights yet?) and into Zeke’s twitching cursed corpse.

Roll: d20+8

24 = 16[d20]+8

Roll: 2d6+7

18 = 6[d6]5[d6]7

Cleave Attack
Roll: d20+8

28 = 20[d20]8
… doh no crit right :(
Roll: 2d6

11 = 2[d6]2[d6]7


lol. yeah, i was pretty sure that most of you guys recognized them. not naming them was mostly an ‘in game’ thing, where your characters probably don’t know what they are.

Alma - This town may be doomed!
Wild_Gazebo Lord_Cycer

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