Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Alma - quick jaunt

Speed is the key

As the discussion continues, bodies are piled and the adventurers consider preparations for camp Alma has a thought About the next move.

I will ride to town. If Cora were to join me we could take most of the semi-valuable gear we don’t want to take north with us in a single trip. The village is a distance from here such that even heavily encumbered my horses can get us there by before sundown. We will rest the night then ride hard and unencumbered to catch up. We are the logical choice to make the run because of my abilities and Cora’s wonderful backpack.

He throws a wink at the little lady.

And of course her diminutive stature. Matrim cannot be spared as he is the tracker, Lornaal because he is your tank… And best chance if you run into a tribe. The wizard can’t ride for shit… No offence.

He elects not to insult Tolans lack of riding prowess(priest might hold a grudge)

Obviously the healer is needed with our main group. And I’m sure the stories for telling will happen with the forward crew so the Bard should ride with you. I have no real reason why Terrence shouldn’t ride back with us except that if you catch the other party of Goblins before we catch up you will need his blade.

He reaches over and strokes his hawks neck feathers fondly.

And thanks to Aeala here we are very likely to be able to find you…. It makes sense, we will be able to help the village without having them trump into the wilderness after spoils, We can pass on our wishes about the young orphan girl, and pick up any supplies anyone forgot that they might have.

Alma waits to see if there are opposing opinions, unsure if he will listen to them if there are. The helplessness of that little village struck a nerve with the mystic warrior he wouldn’t readily admit.


you old softy

Alma - quick jaunt
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