Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Alma - Quiet Carnage

Silent Slaughter

Alma wonders… Can clerics turn undead without calling to their gods?
No matter, the tide has turned in the appropriate direction in Alma’s opinion. Time to slaughter me some more goblins he thinks.

Alma cleaves thru the 2 hammer wielding nothing’s in front of him first.

1 point power attack.
23 = 14[d20]+8+1
22 = 6[d6]6[d6]9+1
Cleave Attack
20 = 11[d20]+8+1
17 = 4[d6]3[d6]9+1

Alma turns to face the rushing group of Skeletons.

AC: 19
HP: 23
Images: 2


Roll a DC 10 spot check to notice the priest.

Alma - Quiet Carnage
Wild_Gazebo Lord_Cycer

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