Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Alma - in the barn

Sigh I'll get it

Alma tosses a glance and a grin back at Cora.

That’s not your first time throwing an alchemist fire little one. You’ll pay for that!

Alma Leaps the burning corpse on the ground before him and hacks in a vicious ungraceful manner at the remaining undead.

Roll: d20+6

22 = 16[d20]+6

Roll: d20+9

21 = 12[d20]+9

Roll: 2d6+7

15 = 5[d6]3[d6]7

If Initiative is needed – Roll: d20+1

15 = 14[d20]+1


I wanted to comment after the second round post that I missed the part on your post where you said that you were retreating 60’ before casting. Whoops. If you had done it, however, the undead would have made an attack of opportunity and because he was ahead of you in the initiative it would have made for two attacks before you would have retreated, and he would simply have followed you at his next phase.
Anyhow, sorry I missed that bit!

Alma - in the barn

I actually said something to the effect that in that case I would stay I think.

Alma - in the barn
Wild_Gazebo Lord_Cycer

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