Meta Ruins of Myvolia

Alma - Attack Time

Alma casts Expeditious Retreat upon himself and Leaps to the Attack

Sorry … I’m done playing Defence!

Alma Charges thru a gap in the defenders on the barricade letting out a battle cry as he leaps the line of zombies and charges the more offensive wights behind! He hopes the deathward yet protects him as he hurtles thru the air… He chastises himself for thinking of such things as or after he hurls himself into battle but, as usual to late to worry about it now.

Alma will long jump off the top of the barricade at the wights.

d20 + 6(skill) 12(speed)

… following the leap Alma begins the obvious process of hacking vile undead to pieces.

Init: Total:15


awesome… just, awesome.

Alma - Attack Time

Have you ever seen the HBO series Rome? This reminds me of Titus Pullo, right at the start of the series, when (very drunk) he leaves a Roman shield wall and charges in amongst a bunch of battle-crazed gaulic warriors.

Alma - Attack Time
Wild_Gazebo Lord_Cycer

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